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Bryce Carithers, MA, NCC

About Bryce and Polaris Counseling & EMDR
Welcome! As your counselor, it is my goal to help you clarify and achieve your personal, professional, and life goals. I believe that counseling is a collaborative process that should leave you feeling hopeful and empowered, and I encourage my clients to be actively involved in determining therapy goals as well as the length and frequency of our work together. My background and experiences in life have reinforced my belief in our ability as people to heal and recover from our struggles while working towards our ideal lives, and I have seen my clients grow and heal in ways that continue to support this belief.

Before starting in private practice, I received my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from CU Denver’s Counseling Psychology Counselor Education program, and my BA in Psychology and Human Relations from the University of Iowa. During my undergraduate career, I worked as a Victim Advocate with survivors of rape and sexual assault and completed a research thesis to examine contributions to individual resiliency following experiences of sexual abuse and assault. It was through this work that I first began to see and believe in our innate ability to overcome some of the most difficult experiences life has to offer, as well as to go beyond overcoming into thriving in life.  It was also during my work as a Victim Advocate that I began to experience counseling and therapy as powerful mediums of healing and connection.    

I continued to do research in personality and resiliency, working with a team to study the impact of temperament on behaviors in youth, and found myself deeply enjoying my interactions with teenagers and their parents. While the world of research was fascinating, it was in these interpersonal moments that I felt at home. Throughout previous years I had worked with children of all ages in numerous environments, and it wasn’t long before I was orienting my personal, educational, and professional experiences towards improving my ability to help children and teens. Eventually I found myself working therapeutically with teenage girls in residential psychiatric treatment, further reinforcing my awe of the human spirit and my commitment to helping others overcome their fears, traumas, and obstacles in life.   

After receiving my MA, I moved into private practice and started what is now Polaris Counseling & EMDR.  I received my training and certification in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and have since focused my practice on helping people overcome the difficult and impactful parts of their pasts. I am currently working toward licensure in the state of Iowa, and therefore receive regular supervision from a licensed counselor. While I work with a variety of ages, genders, cultural backgrounds and problems at Polaris Counseling & EMDR, I specialize in struggles faced by the LGBTQIA community, working with kids and teens, and helping clients heal from depression and overcome trauma.  It is my top priority to help my clients make progress towards their goals, work through unresolved experiences or questions, and increase their belief in their own abilities, worth, and potential.  My hope is that by blending my professional skills and training with your insight into yourself and life, you can create growth and changes that will leave you feeling more whole and truer to yourself.
LGBT, Trauma, Multicultural Counseling, Children and Adolescents, EMDR

A Note on Culture and Diversity

It is my personal and professional belief that how we identify as individuals and members of certain communities greatly impacts the way in which we walk through and experience the world. Parts of our identity such as age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation and overall background play into our experiences when interacting with others, and they impact how others respond to us.  As your counselor, I recognize and respect the differences that may exist between us, and I hope to maintain an open conversation regarding how these impact our relationship and work together. It is my goal to understand you and your life through the lens with which you see the world, and I’m ready to listen with an open mind.
Intake Session - Free
Individual Counseling:  $100 per 50-minute session | $150 per 90-minute session
​(Scholarships may be available during daytime hours for clients who qualify.
Please inquire for availability.)


Payment Options​​

Payment options include cash, check, all major credit cards, Apple and Android Pay, and Health Savings Accounts debit cards. 


While I am not currently able to accept payments through insurance, I am able to provide receipts for you to submit directly to your insurance company if so desired.
I am not currently able to accept clients covered under Medicaid. 

Cancellation Policy

Polaris Counseling requests notice by 8 AM the day prior to your appointment if a session needs to be cancelled or missed. ​Cancellation fees may apply if less or no notice is provided. 
Contact Bryce by phone or email, initial phone consults and intakes are offered at no charge. 
Finding a therapist who you are comfortable with is important, and there is no pressure to schedule a session until you are ready.
Free parking available.
This office is wheelchair accessible.